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Apple class action settlement offers MagSafe replacements to MacBook owners

Image credit: Apple

A class action lawsuit was brought against Apple for the old model MagSafe power adapters, which were prone to fraying and were included with every MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air sold up to early 2010. Now a settlement in the case will entitle anyone who owns an old model MagSafe adapter to a free replacement, whether or not your computer is still under warranty.

The old MagSafe adapters, which are pictured above, had a weak point near the plastic tip, which was replaced with an aluminum tip in the redesigned model in 2010. The fraying problem became such an issue that Apple began replacing faulty MagSafe adapters free of charge in 2008.

The easiest way to take advantage of this settlement is to take your old model MagSafe power adapter (and the laptop computer) to your nearest Apple Retail Store for a free replacement. You could still be denied coverage in the case of accidental damage to the adapter - a common exception in many warranty clauses.

You might also be entitled to a monetary refund if you purchased a replacement MagSafe adapter within a certain time frame following the purchase of a MacBook.

  • $79 refund if purchased during the first year of the Mac's purchase
  • $50 refund if purchased during the second year of the Mac's purchase
  • $35 refund if purchased during the third year of the Mac's purchase

A proof or purchase and valid claim form are required. The full details, including deadlines, can be read at the official site. You can also read Apple's help document about the replacement program for more information.

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