Apple is seeking an additional $180 million from Samsung

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If you've already forgotten about the Samsung and Apple legal battle, then you might be interested to know that it's still ongoing with court cases being filed by either side. Today, however, it's about Apple looking for supplemental damages as they allege Samsung continued to violate certain payments after a court-mandated cutoff time. This comes hard on the heels of Samsung appealing Apple's recent victory, just a few weeks since Samsung agreed to pay Apple almost $550 million in what appeared to have finally been the climax in the five-year long legal battle between the two tech juggernauts.

Apple is alleging Samsung didn't abide by the court-mandated cutoff time which specified that Samsung should discontinue to produce certain products that were alleged to violate Apple's patents. This referred to five different Samsung handset models.

Florian Mueller, an expert on patents and an author at FOSSpatents, was the first to pick up on the supplemental charges and commented that "[the] amount seems high to me given that the products at issue in this case (the first litigation between the two companies) were already somewhat outdated by the time of the 2012 trial."

Where this will go is anyone's guess, but it's clear that the patent war -- or more specifically the smartphone patent war -- is far from over.

A copy of the declaration submitted by Apple's damages expert Julie Davis can be viewed below:

15-12-23 Davis Declaration ISO Apple Motion

Source: FOSSpatents

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