Apple may be considering iPhones with 4.7 and 5.7-inch screens

Apple has been slow and steady at adopting new sizes for all of its devices; everything from its laptops to iPads have all featured nearly identical display sizes over the past few years. While the company has introduced a few variations in size, such as the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, a new report is stating that Apple may be looking to introduce another display size for the iPhone.

According to Reuters, who has a solid track record for nailing this type of information, they are saying that Apple is currently looking into producing an iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen and also a 5.7-inch screen. These devices would both be significantly larger than that of the iPhone 5 which has a 4in display but be a bit smaller than the iPad mini which has a 7.9-inch display.

If true, it looks like Apple may be following Samsung's model of producing many phones at several different display sizes instead of producing one device annually. While the business model may be changing for Apple, Samsung has proven that consumers do want a wide variety of choices for screen sizes and that one device does not fit all consumers needs.

The devices, if they do materialize, are not expected to arrive until 2014.

Source: Reuters

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