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Apple refreshes MacBook line, new models announced

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference that was hosted this morning has brought with it some rather unexpected additions; the Cupertino based company has gone ahead and refreshed it's notebook line, bringing in new models and eliminating others, all the while making things faster and cheaper. Here are the changes:

New 15" MacBook Pro announced:

Apple has introduced a new MacBook Pro, with a couple of added extras from previous models. This new one features a built-in battery, which lasts 7 hours, just like the recent 17" MacBook Pro. Not only this, but the screen has been vastly improved, and has a 60% increase in color gamut. The battery will apparently last over 1,000 charges, which is good due to the nature of which it is included in the laptop. It will not need to be replaced for over 5 years, according to Apple.

The new laptop will feature an SD card slot built in, and it has a bump in specification. You can get up to a 3.06GHz Dual Core CPU, up to 8GB of RAM, and up to 500GB 7200RPM HD or a 256GB SSD. This new laptop will start at $1,699, and ranges from that price up to $2,229.

17" MacBook Pro upgraded and MacBook Air upgraded:

This is a slight upgrade, but the 17" MacBook Pro will get a 2.8GHz CPU and a 500GB HD, all while retaining. ExpressCard Slot. The MacBook Air has seen a small upgrade, too. According to MacRumors, "prices changing to $1,499 to $1,799 -- up to 2.13GHz CPU."

13" MacBook renamed MacBook Pro:

The 13" MacBook name has been eliminated, being replaced by MacBook Pro, as well as coming with new pricing and specifications. It'll starts at $1,199, which is cheaper than the MacBook it replaces. The price will go up to $1,499 in standard configurations.

Expect all of these models to be shipping today.

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