Leak: New iPhone codenamed 'iPhone 3GS' (confirmed)

We should find out in just a few short hours some details on the new iPhone as Apple started the WWDC today. However, a recent Apple leak, via John Gruber at Daring Fireball, says the new iPhone has been codenamed "3GS."

While this is only a codename, and may or may not be the final name of the device, Gruber's prediction is this will be the official name as well. However, Gruber says "I have no idea what the S stands for." [Ed: Second Generation?]

More predictions Gruber drops on us include:

  • Apple will probably keep the current 3G products for sale, probably at a reduced price, for the foreseeable future.
  • The 3GS will have the same dimensions as the 3G so existing cases should fit the 3GS.
  • The 3GS will feature 15-20 percent longer battery life than the iPhone 3G, however it's not clear if this is due to an increase in capacity or because of software tweaks.
  • There is an Apple tablet in the works, but it's not coming out yet.
Keep an eye on Neowin today, as we watch the announcements coming out of WWDC.

Update: Apple has just announced the final name for the new iPhone, and it is indeed 3GS. The S, according to Apple, stands for speed.

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