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Apple SDK wearable edition issued to some high-profile developers

Tomorrow’s the big day for Apple. It’s not an uncommon affair though; around this time every year, the lid is lifted on a new iPhone, the iPod range gets a refresh and Apple do the general whoopdee-doo dance around their products.

But what is expected, is Apple’s venture into the wearables market with the long, LONG, awaited iWatch having its iron curtain lifted. Unlike the newest iPhone, which we seem to know pretty much everything about, nothing is known about the device short of “it’s a watch, from Apple.” No images, specs or features have been confirmed. At the moment, this is Apple’s unicorn.

And now that the reality of an Apple wearable device looks like becoming a reality, a pre-release Apple SDK for wearables being issued to some high-profile social networks and service companies (under strict NDAs as well) is the talk for today. An unnamed source has mentioned Facebook as one of the companies, and let’s be honest, there’s no one bigger in the social space than it.

Other sources have teased us with the information that the iOS based device will run third-party applications and will have access to an App Store. What isn’t clear however, is whether that store will be the full fat App Store used by the iPhone and iPod, or whether it will be a bastardised version of it. Although knowing Apple, it won’t scrimp on the store’s ability to work well and provide as equal a user experience across any/all of their devices.

While the source(s) continued to state that the SDK was issued “very recently”, it’s likely that Apple want to demo some of the third-party apps on Tuesday. They’ve done this before, handing out the SDK to developers before events, allowing said developers to put together a showpiece for Apple on their big day.

So, what do we know for certain? Well absolutely nothing. The wearable device might not even be a watch! It might not be shown off tomorrow, nor will it be released next year. One thing is for certain though, regardless of what products Apple are showing off tomorrow, and are intending to release in the future, we are all talking about them.

Source: 9to5mac | bottom image ExpertReviews, top image Mashable

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