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Apple to launch 22" touchscreen iMac?

Information has surfaced that Apple may be working on a 22in touchscreen iMac.  The information,  according to digitimes.com, claims that the new product will be released sometime during 2010 with the product being produced by Quanta and the touchscreen panels being supplied by Sintek Photronic.

The idea of a touchscreen iMac does not seem that far fetched.  With the possible tablet announcement, as early as next week, Apple would already have built a touch based interface.  It could be possible that Apple would port the tablet’s interface and gestures into a home based Mac product.

The only far fetched idea is that Apple would create a new size casing for the touchscreen iMac.  Why wouldn’t Apple use the already designed 21.5 inch model case and add in the touchscreen panel?  One logical conclusion may be that Apple has a newly desgined case for the touchscreen iMac as typically touchscreen based computers are not used in the same manner as typical keyboard and mouse based computers.

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