AT&T announces new unlimited calling plans, challenges Verizon

Not even a week after Verizon announced their new pricing structure and rate plans, AT&T goes ahead and pulls the "me too" card. Verizon's newest plan, which takes effect today, is offering users unlimited calling, texting, and data for $119.99 a month. AT&T, who, these days, is in direct competition with big red, would not allow their $129.99 a month plan to be undercut. Effective immediately, AT&T is offering unlimited calling, texting, and data for $99.99 a month (iPhone will cost an extra $20).

In addition, AT&T will offer unlimited talk for $69.99, with talk and text for $89.99. This makes AT&T's pricing identical to Verizon. With regards to family plans, AT&T is offering $119.99 for unlimited talk, and $139.99 for the talk and text option, making their messaging package slightly cheaper than Verizon's.

The competition between the US's two largest carriers seems to be blow for blow these days. It will be interesting to see if Verizon reacts to AT&T's new rate plans, though it doesn't seem very likely. Just a few days ago, Verizon was poised to make AT&T seem like the most expensive carrier out there. Today, however, the playing field has changed, yet again. Even with Verizon and AT&T lowering their rates, they are still, by no means, the most affordable carriers in the market. Sprint and T-Mobile are still undercutting their rates in, pretty much, all categories. Are Verizon and AT&T so engrossed in their own little competition that they've forgotten how expensive, even their new plans, still are? Or, are they really the best of what the US has to offer? Do you really get what you pay for?

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