Apple Watch Edition buyers can skip in-store lines

The Apple Watch is available to pre-order on April 10th and new reports have been leaking out of Cupertino since its second announcement last month. We already know much of how Apple intends to sell the Watch - personal interaction from shopper to customer intertwined with fashion advice - and that, out of the gate, various bands/watch combinations won't be available.

9to5Mac has yet another scoop on the Watch's sales experience, specifically referring to the Edition model. The highest end Apple Watch comes in gold (and rose gold) and costs upwards of $10,000, limiting their appeal to only a select few individuals. In order to cater to said individuals, Apple has decided that buyers of the Edition Watch will not have to wait in line.

Per 9to5Mac:

Unlike stainless steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport customers, those seeking to buy the Apple Watch Edition will not have to wait in a line. Sources say that potential Edition buyers will have priority access to assistance, effectively skipping the line of other waiting customers. Experts will be able to help a couple of customers try-on Watches simultaneously, unlike standard employees who will simultaneously help as many stainless steel and Sport customers as necessary.

This is a marked difference to how Apple has approached sales before, detracting from the feeling of equality that buying an Apple device brought: everyone, from millionaire to student, had the same experience when buying an iPhone or iPad or Mac. What this new experience will do to Apple's image remains to be seen, but the effects are unlikely to be positive.

The Apple Watch is available for pre-order on April 10th to go on sale on April 24th.

Source: 9to5Mac

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