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Apple Watch sales have declined by 90% since launch, research says

After releasing its first much-anticipated wearable back in April, Apple seems to be headed through some heavy dilemma. According to a recent study, sales for the much-talked about Apple Watch have dwindled by over 90%.

Slice Intelligence, which records and measures commerce activity by email receipts, has claimed the device's sales in the United States have plummeted from 200,000 units per day since it was launched to just 10,000 units a day, and sometimes even less, by the early days of July.

Graph via Slice Intelligence

Furthermore, it was revealed that two-thirds of the watches sold are of the lower-cost Sport model. Regarding the luxury 18-karat Apple Watch Edition that costs around $10,000, Slice Intelligence estimates that less than 2,000 units of the splendor watch have been sold, over the past two months.

Pre-orders of the Apple Watch started back in April 10, and since then, at least one million were received. However, people who registered had to wait for months before getting their hands on the watch, contrary to the primary prediction of a May delivery. Also, the device was posed to be sold in-store by April 24th, but that launch was moved to June, as the company reportedly cannot meet the demand received.

With these current statistics reported on the Apple Watch, and the lack of an official report of sales from the company itself, it remains to be seen if the Apple Watch will be a hit among customers, with the idea that the company's previous products such as the iPhone and iPad are undeniably sellouts.

Source: MarketWatch

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