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Average US broadband speed only 3.79Mbps

Akamai released a State of the Internet report for each quarter of the year. Their most recent report for Q4 of 2009 is now available. It shows that the average broadband speed in the US is 3792Kbps with just 57% broadband adoption.

Delaware has typically held the highest average speed over any of the states in the US. They took the top spot again this quarter with an average speed of 7.6Mbps. Vermont is second with 5.8Mbps and Massachusets is third with 5.7Mbps.

Asia continues to be the fastest with an average broadband speed of 4400Kbps. North America is second at 3792Kbps followed by Europe with 3536Kbps average broadband speed and 68% broadband adoption. Africa is the slowest continent at 944Kbps and only 11% broadband adoption.

The report also shows that of the 198 countries where attack traffic originated from Russia (13%) and the United States (12%) make up 25% of it holding the top two spots. One interesting note is that for Q3 of 2009 the US was only 6.9%. This means that the number of internet based attacks nearly doubled in the US over a period of just 3 months. Port 445 is the target of most of the attacks, this is the port where your network shares hang out. If your computer is behind a firewall and properly patched then it is not vulnerable.

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