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Back From the dead: WebOS ported to the Nexus S

After the termination of HP’s WebOS platform, the company publicly released the source code to the public in hopes of improving the system and getting it running on other devices. One of these developers is Phoenix International Communications, a team of volunteers who are set on bringing WebOS back from the dead by porting it to the Samsung-manufactured Nexus S.

As you can see from the video above, the OS has been made into an application which can be executed from the Android application grid. However, with this being a pre-alpha build, it is unbearably slow. If this is ever made to run at full speed on the Nexus S, we could see users switch between OS’s without a reboot, allowing users to run apps from both systems. Additionally, we could see this on more devices; we know the Galaxy Nexus received a WebOS port also.

WebOS being open-source could mean great things for Android users, because it will give them two different experiences and interfaces to explore, and sure; maybe WebOS was destined to fall before the smartphone OS competition. It could also mean that people would be more willing to take the chance to give it some love in the form of ports and applications.

Do you think WebOS ports are welcomed, or should people just let go of the past?

Source: Engadget

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