Bandai Namco announces Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, a Pac-Man battle royale

The original arcade title Pac-Man, starring the character of the same name, turned 40 years old this year. As part of the celebration, Bandai Namco Entertainment today announced Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, a battle royale-style take on the Pac-Man formula, pitting 64 players against in matches with interconnected mazes.

In Mega Tunnel Battle, players take the role of the iconic arcade character, but have the option to customize its appearance, and there are a range of power-ups to make use of. Players can invade opponents' mazes to eat their dots and power-ups to win.

The title is arriving first on Google's game streaming platform, Stadia, and it leverages the service's capabilities to enable 64-player multiplayer. On top of that, the game also allows for interaction with spectators, who can vote on power-ups to be given to players, possibly turning the match around. Of course, there's also the usual benefit of being able to play on (almost) any screen you already own.

The game has a free demo which is available right now and until October 27. The full game will launch on November 17.

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