Behold, the Xbox One S laptop!

Ben Heck has been known to create some amazing pieces in the past, but the Xbox One S laptop has to be one of the more unique creations to date. The project started several months ago when Heck tore down the Xbox One S and never rebuilt it. Instead of letting it lay in waste, he began working on the concept of an Xbox One S laptop. After several months and being filmed in stages, the laptop made its debut on his YouTube channel on January 6.

While the case construction alone is a tedious process, repositioning the innards was also equally as difficult. In order to slim down the already slim console even further, Heck took the core components of the device and spread them out. In order to maintain this dimension throughout the laptop, Heck also had to swap out some of the original parts like the monstrous cooling fan for something a bit more compact. In the end, the Xbox One S laptop looked absolutely marvelous and is a fully functional piece.

Source: Ben Heck via Engadget

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