BlueStacks to work on Android runtime environment for Windows [Update]

A startup company may have figured a way to have native Android Apps on Microsoft’s OS. The company, called BlueStacks, is developing what they call a native runtime environment for Android on Windows.  The idea caught the attention of investors, who apparently have readily invested over seven million USD towards development. The software would allow Android applications to run side by side with programs such as Microsoft Office.

According to arstechnica, the software will not use emulation. Android developers have known that this has been the primary method in the past if one wanted to use PCs to develop Android applications. Emulation, however, is slow and complicated due to overhead and other barriers. Neowin readers might remember that Canonical attempted similar concepts in 2009 but was not able to achieve “production-quality” results.

BlueStacks, however, came up with a different solution. The software will run natively, and allow apps to be run in their own windows. Apps can be run from shortcuts on the desktop. In addition, according to the company, the complete Android experience can be used instead of Windows, even the launcher included with Android. The company even says that the Amazon Appstore can be used to download and install Android applications. This should be an interesting idea to watch for those who develop Android applications. The company says that alpha testing will start in the Summer of 2011.

Update: According to an email BlueStacks sent, Windows x64 and x86 versions will be fully supported. I will write additional updates upon testing the software.

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