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CES 2024: Here is what you can expect from this year's big tech trade show in Las Vegas

ces 2023

It's sometimes hard to believe that at the beginning of every January, we get slammed with some of the biggest tech reveals for the rest of the year. That will continue to be the case for the 2024 version of the Consumer Electronics Show. The massive trade show, which is held primarily at the Las Vegas Convention Center (with some outlier hotels as well), is the center of the tech world for the next week.

This year, we expect lots of new PC hardware reveals at the show, along with new TVs and many other gadgets, some of which may never actually get launched.

While the exhibit halls won't actually open until Tuesday, January 9, CES 2024 actually gets started for the press late on Sunday, January 7, with CES Unleashed, which typically offers a preview of some of the more interesting gadgets and products at the show. On Monday, January 8, lots of big companies will be holding press conferences at CES, and some of them will be live-streamed, so you can check them out even if you are not attending.

Here are some predictions of what we can expect to be revealed and shown off during CES 2024.

Lots of talk about AI

Last year, AI was not the buzzword in the tech industry like it is right now. Expect lots of generative AI-based product announcements and reveals at CES 2024.

Samsung in front of a blockchain image

One of those reveals will come from Samsung. It will hold a press conference at CES 2024 on Monday, January 8, starting at 5 pm Eastern time (2 pm Pacific time), which will be live-streamed on Samsung's website. The subject of the event is "'AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI.'

You can also expect AI-related announcements from companies like NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and others.

Many PC-related announcements are coming at CES

Nvidia logo in black and green

CES 2024 will certainly be a time for many PC-related product reveals. NVIDIA will hold a press conference at the show at 11 am Eastern time on January 7 (8 am Pacific). The company is expected to reveal three new "Super" versions of its RTX 40 Series GPUs at the event. AMD will hold its own press event on the same day at 10 am Eastern time (7 am Eastern time).

PC laptop and accessory maker Razer will hold its press conference during CES on January 8, starting at 9 pm EST (6 pm Pacific time). Other companies that sell PC hardware, like ASRock, MSI, Samsung, LG, Dell, and more, are also expected to show off new products during the event.

The TVs will be out in force

CES is perhaps best known as the place where most of the major TV makers showcase their new and upcoming models. Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL, and many others will likely be announcing new televisions that are not only bigger and brighter than ever but also more affordable.

One big TV maker, Sony, will be at CES 2024, but it has already stated it will not be showing its new 2024 TV models at the event. It will wait until later in the year to make those announcements.

PC and video gaming will be around, but it won't be huge

MSI Claw leaked poster

The E3 trade show is officially no more, but don't expect CES 2024 to take its place in terms of new PC and video game announcements. That doesn't mean we won't see any gaming-related reveals at the show next week. Word has already leaked that MSI will show off a Windows-based gaming handheld at CES, and Samsung will show off its first controller that's being made specifically for its Gaming Hub TVs and monitors.

Smart homes, smart cars, but not a lot of smartphones

CES 2024 will continue to be a place where companies make product reveals about smart home devices, and future automobile technology is also a big part of the show. However, don't look out for any major reveals on the smartphone or tablet front, as those announcements are usually saved for dedicated presentations later in 2024.

That's really only a taste of what we can expect to be shown off at CES 2024. We haven't even talked about things like robotics, weird gadgets that might not ever get sold to the public, and sometimes major actors, athletes, and other entertainment folks who pop in during CES.

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