Check out a cleaner version of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile in this design concept

Occasionally we cover design concepts here at Neowin, especially when said concepts offer us a look at something that’s more beautiful and offer better functionality than what’s already available. And that’s exactly the case with this imagined version of Windows 10 Mobile.

What’s interesting with this design, created by Robson Jobs, is that, unlike other concepts we’ve featured, this one is very close to the actual original version that we currently see on our phones. But it’s also so much more than that, its creator seems to have achieved what Microsoft has not: a cohesive and clean design language, built around Modern concepts.

As you can see in the gallery below, this version of Windows 10 Mobile looks very familiar to anyone who has ever used a Windows Phone. But it also looks accessible and easy to understand to iPhone and Android users as well, as the designer took some obvious design cues from iOS and Google’s Material Design.

That said, this still feels like the Modern design language we know and love, only so much cleaner, easier to understand and more intuitive. We’d love to see Microsoft go in this direction and offer a bit of much-needed polish to Windows 10 Mobile but alas, there’s little chance of getting something looking this good.

Source: Robson Jobs (Behance)

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