Chrome iOS version in the works?

Will you soon be surfing the web on a version of Chrome while on your iPhone or iPad? That's what a new rumor claims. Business Insider reports that according to Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter, "Google Chrome browser for iOS is coming. Apple may already be reviewing Google’s submitted code for a Chrome browser for iOS."

He also claims that Chrome could be released for iOS devices as soon as the end of June but definitely sometime by the end of 2012. So far, neither Apple nor Google have confirmed this report.

If true, this would be a huge turn of events for iOS users, who have been pretty much stuck with Apple's own Safari web browser since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. Apple has insisted that the Safari be the default web browser for iOS devices which means that if you click on a link in an email on your iPhone or iPad, it would use Safari.

It's unknown if Apple will now allow a iOS version of Chrome to be set as a default browser for the iPad and/or iPhone.

Google did confirm that it would release a Windows 8 Metro version of Chrome in March. However, both Google and Mozilla have protested Microsoft's decision to restrict access to third party web browsers for the ARM version of Windows 8.

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