Cities: Skylines Industries expansion goes live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Paradox Interactive today released the Industries expansion for the console editions of Cities: Skylines. This marks the third expansion that has arrived for the city builder's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions since the beginning of this year, with Green Cities landing in January and Parklife arriving in March.

As evident by its name, this expansion focuses on improving the industrial aspects of the title, where players will be able to build entire supply chains for harvesting, processing, storing, and producing various resources, which can then be shipped out towards commercial areas within the city or exported.

There's also a host of new industrial buildings, including "Extractors, Warehouse Facilities, Processing and Auxiliary," which are joined by new unique factories that produce luxury products. These factories need large amounts of workers and resources from the aforementioned supply chains to function, however.

There are also new cargo services that make use of cargo airports, mail services that require sorting facilities and postal vehicles, along with new policies, five new maps, and hats for Chirper as usual.

The free update that normally comes with expansions hasn't been forgotten either, with all base game owners now having access to toll booths that generate extra income in exchange for slightly slower traffic, a historical building marker, and the new Synthetic Dawn radio channel. Paradox has also thrown in Pearls from the East free DLC pack for console players, which has the Shanghai Pearl Tower, Panda Zoo, and Chinese Temple buildings.

Console Cities: Skylines owners can now purchase the Industries expansion for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for $14.99 as a standalone purchase. This expansion is also a part of the second season pass for the title, which packs up the Green Cities, Parklife, and Industries expansions for $39.99.

In an interesting note, this release means that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions are now only one expansion away from catching up to the Cities: Skylines PC version, which received the latest Campus expansion in May this year.

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