Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass' new Vietnam faction detailed by Firaxis

The next DLC faction heading to Civilization VI was given the full unveiling treatment today by Firaxis as Vietnam soon enters the fray. Boasting a terrain-focused flexible playstyle, the brand new Asian civilization is incoming as part of the game's New Frontier season pass as usual.

Vietnam's leader, Bà Triệu’s, comes heralding the 'Drive Out the Aggressors' unique ability, which provides +5 combat strength and extra movement for units in rainforest, march, and wood tiles. If these tiles are owned by Vietnam, the bonuses applied are doubled.

Vietnam's unique ability is Nine Dragon River Delta, where specialty districts are restricted to rainforest, marsh, or wood tiles, but they in turn provide Culture, Science, or Production bonuses, respectively. Woods can also be planted by Vietnam players after gaining the Medieval Faires civic. Meanwhile, the Thanh arrives as the Vietnamese unique district, which provides Culture bonuses (plus Tourism once Flight is researched) for all adjacent districts. This replaces the Encampment district but it is cheaper to build and doesn't have a population requirement.

Lastly, Vietnam's unique unit is the medieval era Voi Chiến. Arriving as a Crossbowman replacement, this elephant-riding unit is more expensive, but can move after attacking, has better defenses, movement points, and is stronger overall in combat.

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass owners will gain Vietnam alongside Kublai Khan as a leader and a new game mode on January 28. The DLC will also be available as a separate purchase with an $8.99 price tag for those who do not own the latest season pass.

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