ColorWare brings 58 color options so you can customize your AirPods, but it'll cost you

Although Apple's AirPods are still somewhat of a rarity taking six weeks to ship from Apple direct, the folks at ColorWare have introduced the earphones to their store, offering the ability to customize the color to your liking.

If unfamiliar, unlike other companies that offer vinyl skins, ColorWare's items are actually painted. In the past, they have worked on larger items like laptop and gaming consoles. The AirPods will be offered in a variety of different colors (58 options) with the ability to choose a glossy or matte finish. Those that want to take the customization a step further will be able to also have the case painted.

While this is an excellent way to differentiate your unit from someone else’s, the cost will most likely have folks sticking with their standard model. The AirPods will cost $289 and if you decide to customize the case, that will set you back an additional $30.

If you want to stick with a regular pair, you can purchase them from the Apple Store or a participating retailer for $159, either way, you're looking at about six weeks for delivery.

Source: ColorWare via 9to5Mac

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