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Comcast becomes the first ISP to join Mozilla's TRR program

Mozilla's dns over https graphic

Mozilla has announced that Comcast has joined its Trusted Recursive Resolver program which aims to make DNS (domain name system) more trusted and secure. Cloudflare and NextDNS are already part of the TRR program and provide their DNS services to Firefox users who opt to use DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

Commenting on the move, Firefox CTO Eric Rescorla, said:

“Comcast has moved quickly to adopt DNS encryption technology and we’re excited to have them join the TRR program. Bringing ISPs into the TRR program helps us protect user privacy online without disrupting existing user experiences. We hope this sets a precedent for further cooperation between browsers and ISPs.”

With its TRR program, Mozilla said that encrypting DNS data with DoH is just the first step in securing DNS. It said that the second step requires companies handling the data to have appropriate rules in place for handling it. Mozilla believes these rules include limiting data collection and retention, ensuring transparency about any retained data, and limiting the use of the resolver to block access or modify content.

Commenting for Comcast, its Vice President of Technology Policy and Standards, Jason Livingood, said:

“We’re proud to be the first ISP to join with Mozilla to support this important evolution of DNS privacy. Engaging with the global technology community gives us better tools to protect our customers, and partnerships like this advance our mission to make our customers’ internet experience more private and secure.”

DNS is an important part of the online infrastructure as it functions like a phone book; when you type in a website like Firefox.com, the DNS will translate this URL into an internet address that the computer understands, your browser can then connect you to the right place. By introducing things like DNS over HTTPS, users will benefit from more security and privacy.

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