Dell to replace wonky keyboards

Dell has offered to replace the keyboards on a recent batch of Vostro laptops, which had the keys in the wrong places.

The problem was flagged by blogger Jake Gordon who pointed out that his Z key had been shifted too far to the right by an enlarged shift key, meaning that instead of appearing beneath A and S it sat beneath S and D instead, causing a fair old headache for the touch typists among us.

"There is no way to say it... we made a mistake and want to apologise to affected customers," Bill Bivin, Dell's laptop liaison admits on the Direct2Dell blog.

"Here's what we're going to do: we plan to contact all affected customers, beginning today. All affected customers will receive an updated keyboard. They will have two options: we can send the keyboard and required BIOS update directly to them, or they can choose to have a field technician replace the keyboard onsite."

The company is also planning to post a video walkthrough for those customers looking to adjust the keyboard themselves.

News Source: PC Pro

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