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Dell's Project Ophelia could be in your pocket in July

At first glance, the hand appears to be holding a Dell-branded USB memory stick. Believe it or not, that is Dell's "Project Ophelia": a thumb PC capable of working as long as you plug it into an HDMI slot. Packed into the tiny body are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Unsurprisingly, it's gunning right for cheap tablet and PC sales.

PC World reports that the first batch of Ophelia units is going to developers, so they can get apps readied for the everyday user. Cable and telecom providers will be offering Ophelia units after this in package details. Finally, you'll be able to buy one from Dell directly.

Unsurprisingly, Dell is putting an emphasis on enterprise, marketing Ophelia as a thin client. Wyse's PocketCloud will be included, allowing remote access to files stored on other machines. A 'cloud client manager' makes it possible for an IT administrator to remotely wipe lost Ophelia units as well.

Android will come pre-installed on the Ophelia unit, though Dell has done a stellar job ensuring we don't know specifications. According to a January 2013 post on Engadget, it will ship with Android 4.0. We'll know the specs in July, but so far, there's not even a morsel of information.

Source: PC World | Image via CNET

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