Developer says PlayStation Home is "Not Sh*t"

PlayStation Home, the free social-networking style virtual world for the PlayStation 3 where you wonder around a variety of themed areas as your chosen avatar, is "Not Sh*t" according to developer Kirk Ewing. Ewing, who works for Home content developer Veemee, said at last weekend's Games in Scotland event in Dundee, that he wanted to try and challenge the preconception that the service is rubbish.

PlayStation Home was made available to all PlayStation 3 users when it entered public beta testing in late 2008. After creating their avatar, users can decorate their "HomeSpace", explore the world, meet other Home users and play single-player or multi-player mini-games.

As reported by, Ewing said that "Most people think that Home is sh*t. I'm here to say that it's not."

The developer for Veemee, who are responsible for Home content such as the London Pub, Audi Space and a costume store for Home avatars, went on to cite usage statistics for the service which say that one in three PlayStation 3 owners use Home. The statistics also state that there are "1.7 million repeat users" who each spend an average of 53 minutes in the virtual world as their avatar.

The developer also went on to say that PlayStation Home would be coming out of its beta testing phase "in December of this year." However, (via 1UP) reports that Sony has refuted Ewing's claims, saying that Home will not be coming out of beta. The spokesperson said, "The service is still evolving and as such we have no current plans to take Home out of Beta."

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