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DisplayMate declares Galaxy Note9's screen to be the greatest one ever made

Screen analysis website DisplayMate has announced that - according to its tests - the freshly released Samsung Galaxy Note9 - you can check out our hands-on piece over here - possesses the best screen you could find on any smartphone. This comes to nobody as a surprise, as it's almost become a tradition with the Korean tech giant: just five months ago, the Galaxy S9 also received the same honor from the website, bagging top grades for its screen quality.

DisplayMate's testing gets quite extensive, and if you'd like to dip your toes into the amount of detail its examination of the Note9's 6.4-inch (2,960 x1440 pixels) AMOLED display went into, you can check it out here. But for most of us laypeople, the website says that the smartphone achieves incredibly accurate colors - breaking existing records for it, in fact - and further records for brightness and contrast, held previously by the S9 and S9+.

The website lauded the Note9 for having the least-yet color shift on its display. Color shift has been a notorious trait found in many modern handsets with AMOLED screens where wider viewing angles would lead to a visible shift towards increasingly inaccurate colors on them. This, according to DisplayMate, is far less of a concern on the Note9.

DisplayMate also touched upon the Note9's plethora of screen-related features, such as ambient light sensors both on the front and the back of the device, a 'Super Dimming' low-brightness mode, a Night mode, and HDR10 support, among others.

It remains to be seen just how long the Note9's display can stand at the top: the Note8, which earned itself similar applause last year for its screen, had its thunder - as well as its 'best display' crown - stolen by the one that came with the iPhone X two months later, though Samsung supplied its display, too. Given the second-gen iPhone X is around the corner, how likely is it that the same turn of events are to occur this year as well?

Source: DisplayMate via Android Authority

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