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Doom Eternal lands November 22 to raze hell and heaven

Bethesda had brand new Doom Eternal trailers to present during its E3 showcase, but even in its story trailer, seen above, id Software is mostly showing off what the series does best, letting players rip and tear through demons. We also finally have a firm release date on when can the Doom Slayer begin his work, with Doom Eternal releasing on November 22

As we were previously informed, hell's forces have invaded Earth and decimated the planet, and Doom Slayer is once again on the warpath to clear out the horde with even deadlier arsenal than before, "until it is done." Surprisingly, it seems heaven is involved in the game in some form as well, so we might be entering new dimensions to fight through.

Setting aside the campaign, id also revealed Doom Eternal's Battlemode during the show, a brand new multiplayer experience that pits two teams against each other. However, one team only has a fully decked out Doom Slayer, while the other has two demons who can spawn armies of AI reinforcements. See this mode's teaser trailer below.

More information about the game will once again arrive during QuakeCon, which returns next month on July 25.

Doom Eternal is coming to PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on November 22. In addition to standard copies, there are also deluxe and collector's editions of the game being made for fans to pick up, and the latter even comes with a full-size, wearable Doom Slayer helmet.

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