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Fallout 76 finally getting human NPCs, but battle royale is coming before that

Bethesda's Fallout 76 efforts continue, and during its E3 showcase the studio announced two big free expansions coming to the multiplayer title. The Fallout game is finally getting NPCs in fall this year as part of the Wastelanders update, with settlers and raiders "returning to reclaim Appalachia."

Alongside the NPCs will also arrive features to make the game more Fallout, such as choices and consequences filled quests, dialog trees, companions, as well as two factions - Settlers and Raiders - to pledge allegiance towards.

Before the Wastelanders update, however, Bethesda will also be releasing a fully featured Fallout 76 battle royale mode named Nuclear Winter, because why not. This will follow the usual battle royale rules, pitting 52 players into a more unforgiving Appalachia map with a nuclear storm raging inward.

Of course, there is an in-lore reason to this fight as well, as the ZAX computer in Vault 51 is trying to select an Overseer, and it has decided the best way to do this is to make everyone fight until the competition eventually brings out the best of the best.

Many of the gameplay features from the main game are being transferred over to this mode but with a focus on more fast-paced gameplay. Hostile creatures from the wasteland, power armor, C.A.M.P.S, and even nukes are present in it. Head over to Bethesda's Nuclear Winter blog post for a deeper dive in to this mode.

Both of these updates will be free of charge to all Fallout 76 owners, but while Wastelanders is still some time away, the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode is going live starting June 10 as part of a "sneak peak."

For any new players who are keen on trying out Fallout 76 or even the new battle royale mode, Bethesda is also kicking off a free trial on June 10 that lasts until June 17 across all platforms.

We will have to wait and see if these changes - especially the NPCs - will make an impact on how classic Fallout fans perceive the title. Don't forget the game is also slated to hit Steam, which might happen alongside the Wastelanders update this fall.

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