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E3 2011: Eyes on with Brothers In Arms Furious 4

Gearbox Software created the Brothers in Arms series several years ago. The WWI-themed game was a tactical shooter and was more realistic than others of the genre and tied into real historical events such as Operation Market Garden. The three games in the series so far have sold millions of units worldwide and lots of praises from critics.

While Brothers In Arms Furious 4 may sell well and win acclaim from the press, it is most definitely not a realistic WWII game. This spin-off is all about comic book style storylines, over-the-top characters and outrageous situations. While no in game screenshots have been released by Ubisoft, we got to see a live demo of the game in action at Ubisoft's booth behind closed doors at E3 2011.

The game has you in control of one of the Furious 4: a rag-tag quartet of American soldiers (Stitch, Crockett, Montana and Chok) who just want to destroy any Nazis that happen to come their way. Yes, there's a bit of Inglorious Basterds in this game and that's not lost on Gearbox who clearly are having fun making this game

The live demo we got to see showed the four attacking a carnival that Nazis are occupying for Octoberfest. Each character has some unique weapons such as Montana's big mini-gun or Chock's ax throwing. The four can make short work of most any Nazis they come across. They also get some extra challenges such as killing a certain amount of enemies. You get more points if you achieve them successfully (a la Bulletstorm) and you can use those points to buy upgrades to your character's abilities and weapons. Such weapons include bear traps that you can set grenades in side. Nasty.

The game is running on Unreal Engine 3 and the art textures look nice and detailed in the carnival ride section. Enemies are of the comic book and/or pulp fiction variety including one that rides on a jet pack and another that has a really big shield to protect himself.

Brothers In Arms Furious 4 will support single player as well as co-op for the campaign both offline and online. There's no word yet on any competitive multiplayer support. The game is due out in the first part of 2012. Oh and fans of the main Brothers in Arms game series should know that Gearbox still has plans for that series as well with Mike Baker and company. For now it's time for the series to not get serious, so to speak

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