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Elite Dangerous 'The Commanders' update adds Multi-Crew support, allows co-op ship flight

Elite Dangerous has received Multi-Crew support with its 2.3 major update, dubbed The Commanders. Multiple players now have the opportunity to play the space simulator on a single ship, with each player tasked with different duties aboard it. Multi-Crew is a long anticipated feature by Elite fans, with rivaling space-based games such as Star Citizen (although in Alpha) already including the functionality.

Larger ships that can crew multiple players now house three separate roles for players to choose, which are Helm, Gunner, and Fighter. The ship's helm player is in charge of navigational controls, the weapons systems handled are by the gunner, and lastly, the fighter commands their own smaller combat ship launched from within the main vessel.

Another new feature coming alongside Multi-Crew is the Holo-Me character creation component. Players can now sculpt a commander to use as an avatar, appearing in the seats of solo and Multi-Crew ships while in-flight.

Note that only Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion owners get the entirety of the new update's contents, with regular version owners only receiving the ability to name their ships, a new camera suite among other general bug fixes and changes. For those interested in reading the quite extensive changelog provided by Frontier, its available on their official forum.

Source: Frontier via PCGamer | Elite Dangerous Image: Steam

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