Elon Musk teases next-gen Tesla Superchargers

Electric vehicles haven't quite become the norm, but they are slowly gaining in popularity as technology and pricing get better. Tesla is probably the most recognizable name when it comes to electric vehicles despite major automakers like Nissan, Chevy, and others offering more affordable models. Although there are public charging stations available, Tesla has their own Supercharger stations that span most parts of the United States and also many other countries. While the chargers are plenty quick, it still takes a considerable amount of time (up to 75 minutes) to charge up a vehicle, but it looks like there could be improvements on the way.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn't go into specific details about the improvements coming to Superchargers, but when questioned about the capabilities of the newer Supercharger 'V3', he did scoff at the idea of a 350 kW unit, deeming it to be a mere "children's toy".

Increasing the power output of Superchargers would decrease time spent at charging stations which has already become an issue. Recently, Musk created a solution for those that choose to hog charging stations after topping up by charging $0.40 per minute after the vehicle has been left for more than five minutes.

Source: Twitter via Autoblog, Engadget

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