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Fable 4 rumours suggest a "completely open game" in a medieval setting

It's been quite some time since we started hearing whispers of an open-world action RPG under development at Playground Games, the makers of the Forza Horizon series. We soon found out that the game in question was likely a sequel to Microsoft's highly celebrated Fable series. Now, we finally have some more details about the story and setting of the game thanks to new leaks.

The leaks are unsubstantiated and the result of a single Reddit post, but they did seem to have an accompanying video that shed more light on the game's story. The video was, unfortunately, removed soon after the post went up.

They suggest a major shakeup in the game's story, with the continents of Albion and Aurora completely destroyed. This was the result of a mad king reconstructing The Tattered Spire, and wishing for a meteor to hit Albion and destroy everything. He also desired for this to happen again in the future, and preventing this will be the focus on the main story of the game.

The game will be set far into the future after the meteor strike and sheds the industrial revolution setting of the later games for a return to the medieval roots of the Fable series. It will also feature the return of series mainstays like Jack of Blades, Theresa, and the Hero's Guild, who were able to survive by relocating to another planet using a Demon Door.

In terms of gameplay, the game is said to be 'completely open' and will have options for both first-person and third-person play. It will reportedly take quite a few cues from Bethesda's flavour of RPGs, with an in-depth character creator and the freedom to entirely ignore the main quest if the player so desires. A Settlement Mode-like feature from Fallout 4 is also part of the game, with the protagonist being able to build entire towns.

The game is built using Unreal Engine and will also sport some form of multiplayer.

Phil Spencer has already confirmed that Microsoft will have 14 first-party titles on the stage at its E3 briefing come June 9. In light of these leaks, it's quite possible that the unannounced Fable sequel will be officially revealed at the event with more details about the story and gameplay.

Source: Reddit via VG247

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