Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson would "love to do something with CDPR"

While the author behind The Witcher books is currently having a bit of a dispute with CD Projekt, a $16.1 million one to be exact, another fantasy author is interested in working with the company on a video game, even considering giving away the rights for free. The author in question is Brandon Sanderson, the mind behind the massively popular book series such as The Stormlight Archive and Mistborn, among various other works.

Brandon Sanderson

The author is certainly a big fan of how CD Projekt RED handled The Witcher universe, with him expressing his thoughts on a Reddit post about Andrzej Sapkowski's demand. He said "I'd love to do something with CDPR," adding that "They've made by far the best book-to-video game adaptations ever. It's the sort of thing the rest of us salivate over--if for the simple reason that the entire genre (books, film, and games) benefit from something high-quality on the market like the Witcher games."

Sanderson goes on to say that he would even consider giving away CD Projekt the rights to his books for free, but still humorously added that "I suspect they're done dealing with self-important fantasy authors, and are likely more interested in creating their own new IPs."

Following another Reddit post regarding his comment that began trending on the website, Sanderson went on to elaborate on the situation a bit more, explaining that even though he has considered it, he hasn't reached out to the Polish developer through official channels yet for any projects. He did say he found Sapkowski's new demands to be absurd though, adding:

"If you magically gave me the chance to have an adaptation on the level of the Witcher--but with no payment given to me--I'd take that in a heartbeat. I'd much rather know it will be good (or at least be in the hands of someone skillful and passionate) than gamble on big money up front with a risk of bad quality."

Although we don't know for sure if CD Projekt RED is even interested in jumping into another fantasy universe for a game, Cosmere and Sanderson fans would certainly love to have the studio's hands on the undertaking. Brandon Sanderson's complete thoughts on the matter can be found on the source links below, and at the time of writing, he still appears to be answering questions on the thread.

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