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New Witcher trilogy and Cyberpunk 2077 sequel coming out of CD Projekt RED

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CD Projekt RED may be finished with Geralt of Rivia's storyline, but not with The Witcher franchise itself. The company previously revealed it is working on a new entry in the popular universe, but now, confirmation has arrived of an entirely new video game trilogy being planned at the company.

The news arrived during an investor strategy update by CD Projekt, sharing what the company has planned for its game studios in the future. While no specifics were detailed, Project Polaris is the codename given to the first game in this fresh trilogy, described as a "story-driven open-world RPG built on the legacy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt".

Being that Project Polaris is still early in development, it will be some time before fans will get to re-enter the monster-filled universe. However, CD Projekt plans a relatively quick release schedule for the rest of the series once the first game is out. The full trilogy has a tight six-year release plan attached to it, and Unreal Engine 5 will be powering them.

The Witcher future plans of CDPR

That's not all, though, as the studio will be revisiting its Cyberpunk universe for a full-fledged sequel to 2077. This has the codename Orion, and no other information was announced. CD Projekt RED is in the middle of developing Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion right now, too.

CD Projekt RED will also try to ship multiplayer with most of these experiences too, though it's unclear what forms will these online elements take on its RPGs.

Outside those plans, CD Projekt RED is diving into a brand-new IP with the codename Hadar. Created "from scratch" by the studio, the mysterious IP is in very early stages of design currently. Elsewhere, CD Projekt-acquired developer The Molasses Flood is working on a fully multiplayer Witcher title codenamed Sirius. Lastly, yet another Witcher project, codenamed Canis Majoris, is under development at an unnamed third-party studio.

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