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First Look at SUSE LINUX 9.3 Professional

Thanks utomo for this submission.

Like we ever get bored with Windows. Right? Well for those of you who do, or have the time and patience to dable in the world of the Linux Desktop, maybe you'll want to look at this well written and informative review by Adam Doxtater over at Mad Penguin dot org.

Heres a snip from the review

    SUSE has always been one of the top distributions for desktop use, but it's never been on top in terms of performance. Most commercial desktop distributions suffer from the same problem, but I'd have to say SUSE has always been at the bottom of the list in terms of raw speed and desktop performance. Even Mandrake and Fedora seem faster. The reason I'm mention this isn't to knock them on performance yet again, but to say that the feel of this desktop is much more responsive than any of their past efforts. Whether this is all in my head or completely justified remains to be seen, but I'm sure other reviewers will be commenting on this very same topic. I originally thought this might be due to the enhancements made in the the recent KDE 3.4 release, but was forced to reevaluate once I saw the Gnome desktop in action. The performance of SUSE 9.3 is actually pretty good. Not as fast as the likes of Slackware or Gentoo but beggars can't be choosers as they say. To have this many apps at my fingertips plus speed... that's just nice. Follow the link for the full review.
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