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First public Elder Scrolls Online gameplay footage debuts

While Bethesda Softworks has shown gameplay footage of The Elder Scrolls Online to select folks at E3 and other events, it had not actually shown footage of the upcoming fantasy MMO game to the general public. That changed today with the release of a new video that's designed to be the first in a series of clips showing the making of the game at developer Zenimax Online studios.

The over nine minute clip, posted on YouTube, showcases some impressive visuals from the game, which uses the distinctive art style that has been used in the older single player Elder Scrolls games. The development team also talks about many of the features in the game, including its player customization system, and its use of real time combat.

One thing that will make Elder Scrolls Online different than many other MMO games is that all of the players will be on one server. The game uses what the development team calls their Megaserver technology so that all players will be able to find one another without having to go to different servers.

The game is still early in development but Bethesda Softworks is aiming for a late 2013 launch date for the PC.

Source: The Elder Scrolls Online on YouTube

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