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For Honor now has a $15 Starter Edition on PC, just like Siege

For Honor's second year of content began in February, where the developer introduced dedicated servers to the fighting title among several new features. And now, Ubisoft is trying to boost the game's PC playerbase by introducing a Starter Edition for the platform, very much similar to the Starter Edition that Rainbow Six: Siege employs.

The For Honor - Starter Edition has almost all the features that the standard edition comes with, such as the campaign and all the multiplayer modes. However, Starter Edition players will only get access to six heroes, with the remaining six needing to be unlocked using the in-game currency, Steel.

From the six free unlocks, three of them are the Vanguard heroes Warden, Raider, and Kensei, which arrive fully customizable with cosmetics. Meanwhile, the three remaining heroes are chosen depending on the faction that players choose when starting the game. But this trio won't be able to don cosmetics until players offer up 8000 Steel each to make them customizable. The rest of the base game's heroes are fully unlockable for 8000 Steel each, with the post-launch heroes available for 15,000 Steel each.


While all these Steel requirements sound like a lot of grinding, the upside of the Starter Edition is its price-point, with it coming in at only $14.99, compared to the standard edition's $59.99 price tag. Keep in mind that Steel is also purchasable in bulk with real money, but going this route will have Starter Edition players ending up forking over more than the standard edition's cost to unlock the heroes.

The For Honor - Starter Edition is now available to purchase on Steam, with a handy FAQ set up by Ubisoft here. Considering Siege's popularity on PC, which is currently in its third year of support, trying to replicate its success is understandable. We will have to wait and see if For Honor's venture will help in boosting its playerbase.

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