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For Honor's dedicated servers are almost here as Ubisoft prepares Age of Wolves season

The Ubisoft developed fighting game, For Honor, is almost ready to celebrate its first birthday, and the studio will be celebrating by kicking off the game's fifth season of content next month. The season is titled Age of Wolves, and it will arrive as a free update to all players across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Although missing the usual addition of two new heroes, the Age of Wolves season will bring one of the most highly requested features to the game - dedicated servers. The developer promises that once implemented, For Honor players can wave good-bye to the host migrations and synchronization errors, and instead, have a much more responsive and stable experience.

As to why it took so long to implement dedicated servers, the developer attributed that to the difficulty in changing the game's entire multiplayer architecture while working on new content and other improvements at the same time.

P2P servers being carried to their deaths

The season will also be host to a number of balance changes that are aimed at leveling the playing field, introducing hero reworks that will buff Kensei, Berserker, and Conqueror, while nerfing Highlander, and Nobushi. These involve new animations, movesets, and more.

Other additions will include a brand new training mode for new players, as well as an Arena mode where players can improve their skills against specific heroes and movesets that give them trouble. Also in the agenda is a "new item that boosts XP gain in exchange for salvage, shift the focus of 4v4 Ranked play from Dominion to Tribute, raise the level cap, and add new gear progression."

The For Honor Age of Wolves season is slated to begin on February 15, and everything except the dedicated servers will arrive on that date, as Ubisoft is still "finalizing the rollout plan" for the new architecture, with more details to follow soon.

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