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Fully fledged Intel Prescott could soak 150 watts

THIS YEAR is the year when Intel really goes for it on relatively untried technologies. First of all, it will blaze the trail on DDR-2, after pouring hundreds of millions into Micron and Elpida. These two Dramurai are only too happy to follow my leader, Intel. Then, Chipzilla will blaze the trail on PCI Express, with others following in its wake.

The introduction of PCI Express will also accompany the Grantsdale and Alderswood chipsets, which are offering GFX integrated graphics of a kind we've not seen before from Chipzilla. And around about the same time, Intel will introduce non-socket LGA 775, further making us wonder what ants the chip firm has got in its pants. The thing is, Intel is usually slow to adopt new technology, and prefers to take the cautious approach – as it did with DDR, with wireless technology, and with integrated graphics too.

Our motherboard contacts in Taiwan tell us they can't understand just why Intel has decided to blaze the trail in 2004. And just in case they're caught short by Chipzilla's apparent recklessness, motherboards they're designing for the middle of the year will support a not-so-cool 150 watts, just in case Intel gets a 3.8GHz Prescott out of the door. The Prescott-ordinaire, or "Shell of Prescott" isn't a problem. It's those hunky chunky 3.6GHz plus babies that are giving the Taiwanese mobo makers a swift attack of the heebie jeebies.

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