Galaxy S9+ steals Pixel 2's thunder with best smartphone camera

When Samsung officially revealed the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to the world just a week ago, it did so by claiming its latest flagships sported the 'most advanced camera ever'. That claim has now been verified by none other than DxOMark, arguably the most distinguished name when it comes to testing the photographic fidelity of modern smartphones.

According to DxOMark's testing, the Galaxy S9+ scored an impressive 99 on the company's open scoring system - meaning scores aren't capped to a maximum of 100. That's the highest score ever given to a smartphone camera, and allowed the S9+ to barely edge out in front of the previous holder of that title, the Pixel 2, by a single point.

When Google first announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL late last year, the defining feature of the new flagships from the company was the inclusion of a new camera that topped all others. Given Samsung's insistence on improving the camera quality on its devices in recent years, it's no surprise it was able to supersede its competition, even if just barely.

The S9+ builds on the previous success of the Galaxy Note8, which was for a time tied with the iPhone 8 Plus for the top spot in the smartphone camera race. The S9+ features a dual camera as is the growing trend among flagship devices these days, but also has a variable-aperture lens on the main camera, allowing it to switch between a faster f/1.5 aperture in dim lighting conditions and a slower f/2.4 in brighter conditions for the best quality.

Alongside this, the Galaxy S9+ was found to have excellent noise control, bight and vivid colours, and features a super-slow-motion that allows it to capture video at 960 fps. While the next generations of flagships are sure to supersede even the S9+'s impressive performance, if you're looking for the best camera currently on the market, Samsung's latest creation might be worth a look.

Source: DxOMark via Android Central

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