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Gears 5 Operation 4: Brothers in Arms update overhauls the ranked and currency systems

The Coalition today pushed out another major content update to Gears 5, and in addition to the usual new features, characters and map drops, Operation 4: Brothers in Arms also comes with a complete overhaul of the game's currency and ranked systems simplifying them.

After listening to community feedback, Scrap and Totems have been done away with entirely, and Gears Coins are replacing them as the main currency that can be earned by simply playing the game. Alongside it, the Gears Store has been updated too, receiving a permanent collection that only increases in size as more items are added. Iron is still available as the premium currency.

Meanwhile, the new ranked system revolves around Gears Points, which players earn from winning and performing well in matches. The more Gears Points a player has, the higher their rank becomes. An in-depth look at the ranked overhaul by the developer is here.

Six new characters have landed in Gears 5 with Operation 4: Dominic Santiago, Garron Paduk, Jinn-bot, and UIR Soldier as Heroes, plus Zamil Karn and Locust Grenadier as Villains. These can be unlocked using Iron, Gears Coins, or by purchasing the new Operation 4 Bundle. As for new maps, Reactor, Blood Drive, and Checkout are now available in multiplayer.

There are also new Level 6 Skill Cards, updates to PVE modes, new achievements, balance updates, and more included in the Brothers in Arms Operation, with more content incoming as the season continues.

The update is now available to all Gears 5 players on Xbox One, Windows 10, Steam, and Xbox Game Pass. The full changelog can be seen here.

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