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Gears of War 3 to get 3D support

Microsoft's biggest Xbox 360 game of 2011 will almost certainly be Gears of War 3, the latest game in the sci-fi third person shooter series from developer Epic Games. Today, 3D gaming fans learned that they will still be able to play Gears of War 3 in 3D.

Epic Games' executive producer Rod Fergusson told Eurogamer that the development team has now put in 3D support in the game but that it will generate the effect as two images but on one 720p resolution buffer. Fergusson admits that the effect is "a little bit jaggier in certain areas." He also adds that putting 3D support in the game was fairly late in Gears of War 3's development. However, he seems to like the overall look of the game in 3D, saying, "It's great. I love the qualities it provides, the window into a world. That's what the 3D gives you. Having that depth of character, and being able to see that separation from the reticule and the creatures in the background - it's a different experience but it's a really good one." Joystiq confirms that the 3D effects are part of the game's Unreal Engine 3's licensing deal with TriOviz.

In the same article Fergusson adds that Microsoft will add better native 3D support in upcoming software updates, saying, "As you look forward, in the next XDKs [Xbox Development Kit] coming out of the Xbox, it'll have more support for 3D or more higher quality for native support for 3D." Meanwhile Gears of War 3 will be released with the current 3D support on September 20.

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