Germany is going to provide 50Mbps internet speeds for its population, fastest standard ever

Germany is advancing ahead with its high speed broadband connection across the country, committing to provide a standard 50Mbps download speed to the entire population by 2018. This would make the nation's internet 10 times faster than the worldwide standard.

The recently published State of the Internet connectivity report makes evidence of the average global speed limited to a humble 5Mbps. As a result, Germany would be propelled into the number one spot when it comes to internet speeds worldwide. Currently, South Korea holds the highest standard download speed - with a national average of 24 Mbps - while Germany lags behind at 10 Mbps.

As of today, around 70 percent of the country already has access to an established high speed connection of 50Mbps or faster. The government has confirmed its aim in providing for the lacking 30 percent by allocating €2.7 billion towards the project. Moreover, there is a unanimous bid to attract matched funding from regional providers - on the basis they will attract more business through the larger high speed broadband network.

Although Germany will have to wait three years before the project takes effect, we are already beginning to see plans for gigabit internet speeds in the States, as well as projects to bring connectivity to the masses in more rural countries.

Source: Digital Infrastructure via The Next Web | Texture Globe via Shutterstock

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