GoG.com will no longer use IP addresses to determine customers' location

The PC game download store GoG.com has been a leader in offering classic PC games for purchase and download without any DRM protection. Now the team behind the site, CD Projekt, has announced that it has gone one step further to give its customers some more privacy. Today the site announced that it has updated its online privacy policy and will no longer use a customer's IP address to determine where a customer is buying a game from.

In its statement GoG.com said it had several reasons for its decision. One was that a person might be somewhere other than his or her home country, perhaps on vacation, when they decide to purchase a game on the site. GoG.com states, "In this case, automatic IP address capture might change the price or the content of the game they’re ordering (such as the default language of the installer)." Also IP addresses can report locations incorrectly sometimes. Finally there's the matter of privacy with GoG.com saying, "Effective privacy protections for our users means that any data that we don’t need to collect, we shouldn’t."

So as a result, any current or future purchases from GoG.com will only require that the customer inform the web site manually as to where they are purchasing their games from. That basically means that the site is trusting their own customer to tell them the truth as to where they are when they decided to purchase and download games from the site.

In related news, GoG.com's next major game release will be The Witcher. The 2007 released fantasy RPG will be priced for a limited time at just $4.99 when it is made available on the site starting on Tuesday. It will also have a ton of free extras  and content, including items not available anywhere else.

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