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Google adds POP refresh button to Gmail Labs

Google has made the managing of multiple email accounts through Gmail much simpler. However, there's always been something missing--the lack of push. Let's say you have your Hotmail account set up in Gmail using POP and you receive an email. Depending on the algorithm used by Gmail to fetch from your Hotmail account (time varies based on past fetchings), it could take minutes, or even an hour to actually see that email in your Inbox. This can be very problematic for time sensitive material.

Thankfully, one of Google's engineers (inspired by his kid sister) has come up with a simple solution--let the user control the refresh. True, up until now, you could visit your Gmail settings and tell it to fetch POP emails on the spot, but with multiple external accounts, this task can become pretty cumbersome. As posted on The Official Gmail Blog, there's a new Lab to help assist with the fetching task. It's called "Refresh POP accounts" and when enabled, it will give you a nice little "Refresh" button at the top of your mailbox.

Gmail Refresh POP

With a single click, the new feature will initialize a fetch of all your POP email accounts. Gmailers are sure to welcome the new Lab. Let's just hope Google doesn't retire it like they did Muzzle.

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