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Google Ads will now follow you around the web

Ever get the feeling you are being followed?  Well Google has announced that they are ready to release a new method to display ads to customers.  Google has been testing the system since March, and is now being rolled out to Adwords customers.

The “Retargeting” market allows Google to display the same advertisement multiple times to a single person, even on different webpages.  Google believes that this program will finally get users to click on an advertisement to something that interest them, based on a cookie of your search history.

The retargeting program tracks your recently visited websites, for example, a hotel company could retarget specific users for Caribbean hotel offers, if the user was last visiting the Caribbean section on their site.  Once the user has left the website, special deals will begin to follow users around the web, depending if the site has Google Adwords displayed, trying to entice the user to click on the offer.

Google believes this will help users find what they are looking for, in return, helping advertisers get to their target market.  The retarget program might be useful to a small group of users on the Internet, but for everyone else, there is an Opt Out option on Google’s Ad Preferences webpage - which also displays all your interests.

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