Google buys a satellite company, continues its hardware expansion

Google has been on a hardware-buying spree, from robots to thermostats, and the company is expanding in many directions at the same time. But its latest acquisition, Skybox Imaging, makes a lot of sense for the company’s existing products and its future endeavors.

SkyBox Imaging is a company that builds satellites and deploys datacenters. The key here is that the company’s satellites can provide detailed imagery and high definition video of the Earth. It’s not hard to see the connection between these satellites and Google’s map platform.

With direct access to its own images and satellites, Google will be able to update its map applications at a faster rate and provide better images of areas that were hit by a natural disaster.

Google has also been on a mission to find a way to bring the Internet to parts of the world that currently do not have the infrastructure in place. With its own satellite company, the ability to beam content down from the sky just got a lot easier for the search giant.

We will be curious to see how Google fully utilizes this new IP other than getting higher quality images for its maps. When you have a team that can build satellites for you at your disposal, the possibilities are wide open.

Of course, the deal is subject to regulatory approval and will take a few months to officially close. 

Source: Google | Image Credit: Skybox Imagery

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