Google files patent for a peculiar ceiling sensor to watch you while you sleep

Most people might be familiar with sleep monitors or trackers. These are usually in the form of wearables that detect movement while you are sleeping, or as an app on your smartphone which you can place next to your pillow. Having to wear these monitors or have them placed close to you while sleeping can cause discomfort and inconvenience.

This patent from Google, however, is slightly different. It actually watches you while you sleep using infrared technology, and can track your heart rate and breathing as well. There are quite a few questions around this potential product as the very odd diagram provided shows that the device needs to be attached to the ceiling, which does raise concerns regarding one's privacy.

That said, sleep monitors are still very popular, sporting a broad product range from various companies including Fitbit, Apple, and even Amazon. However, it is worth noting that Google's sleep monitor is currently nothing more than a patent, and there's no guarantee if it'll even seen the light of day.

Source: Techradar

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