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Improve your sleep tracking on Fitbit wearables with this feature

fitbit inspire 2

Fitbit will now offer insights to users with its new feature, the Sleep Profile. The fitness tracker will provide users with a longitudinal analysis of their sleeping patterns. It will be available on Fitbit Premium.

There will be a range of additional features rolling out soon. The tracker will use 10 key metrics to analyze the sleeping patterns to acknowledge unique habits. These include sleep schedule variability, the time before sound and disrupted sleep, alongside REM sleep and restfulness sleep features that existed previously. Fitbit will then identify trends and compare them with the average person in the respective age group.

The tracked recordings will be available every night, but the interpretation shall be accessible at the end of each month. Users will also get the ideal range for each metric to improve their sleeping habits. Moreover, they will be associated with six types of animals based on their sleeping behaviors. These animals will change monthly and allow easier understanding of sleeping patterns. Fitbit will also guide people on fixing sleeping habits that lead to health problems like obesity, poor cognitive functioning, diabetes, among other things.

Premium Fitbit users with Versa 2, Versa 3, Sense, Charge 5, or Inspire 2 will access the feature upon launch. The first Sleep Profile will be available in the week of July 4, with subsequent monthly profiles rolling out on the first of every month.

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