Google reportedly overhauling Android to embrace new types of displays

In May, Google will hold its annual I/O developer conference where the firm could debut its latest version of Android. The next version, Android P, is expected to feature plenty of improvements to the platform but could also go through a major visual overhaul in order to accommodate displays that might have unique cut-outs like what can be found on the Essential PH-1 or Outkitel's U18.

It is also being reported that Android P will also offer better support for devices with multiple and foldable displays. While there were only a few handsets that featured uniquely shaped displays in 2017, there could be an influx in 2018, and Google is looking to be prepared. The OS will also make better use of Google's Assistant, with developers being able to make use of it in its own apps.

According to Bloomberg and its sources, Google is altering its mobile OS in order to try and persuade iPhone users to make the switch to its platform. Apple's iPhone X features a distinct notch at the top of its display. This gap isn't for cosmetic reasons, instead serving as a housing point for advanced sensors for its Face ID technology.

While there isn't too much detail on how Google will alter the OS to accommodate these new kinds of displays, the source states that changes are being made so that Android device manufacturers can also embed technology into the displays, if necessary. Bloomberg is reporting that this Android update will be "dramatic", it will be interesting to see just how much things will change. Google I/O is set to take place starting on May 8.

Source: Bloomberg

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